7+ Beautiful Lazada and Shopee Finds Christmas Decors!

By Jes Nadayag
Mary and Joseph Miniature with glowing lights on the background.

Filipinos love Christmas. We love Christmas so much that we can hear Jose Mari Chan over the radio on the first day of September singing either “A Perfect Christmas” or “Christmas In Our Hearts.” Jose Mari Chan’s voice is only a harbinger of the Christmas Spirit that spurs everyone to buy decors and showcases their old grandmother’s stars and balls.

Nonetheless, if you are a fledgling family without hidden ‘Banga’ filled with antiquated Christmas decorations, time is of the essence! So, to help you keep up with the old dynasties, we have 7+ Beautiful Lazada and Shopee Finds Christmas Decors!

7+ Beautiful Lazada and Shopee Finds Christmas Decors


1. Wooden Door Hanging Sign Christmas Tree Ornament

Let’s start with one of the cheapest items on this list. This Wooden Door Hanging Christmas Sign is a steal! At 27php each. You have an easy-to-install and oddly-cute-but-elegant door ornament. This particular store has seven designs for you to choose from, so you have more choices for your Christmas theme if you have one.

Check out this decoration at Shopee here: [http://tiny.cc/c7l1vz]

2. Native Christmas Hanging Parol Star

This hanging “PAROL” decoration comes next. Although this Christmas decor could be more expensive compared to the earlier option, this hanging star is a wooden parol that oozes with the tropical theme of the Philippines. At 747php, you will have an authentic tropical Christmas in your home in Hacienda Simeonida.

Buy one at Lazada by clicking here: [http://tiny.cc/k8l1vz]

3. Artificial Christmas Tree


A Christmas decoration theme could never be complete without a Christmas Tree. So, for our next decoration. This Artificial Christmas Tree from Shopee is perfect for your needs. The variety of their options will ensure that no space is too small for a Christmas Tree. We know you’d like it! Hover down and see it for yourself!


Make out the perfect Christmas Tree size for your Dani Units here: [https://tinyurl.com/4st6543n]


4. L.E.D. “Surreal effect” FIREPLACE Lantern

If you are from the Northern Hemisphere, Christmas is a cold day with snow and a winter breeze. However, here in the tropical Philippines, Christmas might be chilly but not freezing enough to bar you from going out. Nonetheless, if you still want to have that Christmas cold feel. This visually appealing Fireplace Lantern will be your helper for your picture-perfect fireplace this Christmas.


Buy yourself a Surreal Fireplace here: [https://tinyurl.com/ycxhrm8v]


5. L.E.D. Snowflake Lights 

Another L.E.D. decoration you can add to sizzle your Christmas is this L.E.D. Snowflake Lights. This item will be an excellent addition to your Christmas Tree. With this fun-sized Snowflake design, you will considerably enhance your warm-hearted celebration. Cuteness is in the air with this garland decoration.


Let the snowflakes fall here: [https://tinyurl.com/2m5e2hpr]


6. Fityle Tabletop Christmas Tree With Lights And Wooden Base for Desk Indoor

If you feel like we’re leaving your dinner table alone this Christmas, think again. This Tabletop Christmas Tree Decoration is the best design to add to your collection. People would be looking for this for more Christmas to come. So, if you want to make your Christmas party unique, purchase one now! Your Alishia Units would look good with this on the dinner table!


Add this exceptional Tabletop Design to your home now! Press here: [https://tinyurl.com/2p9hjv4u]


7. Solar Meteor Shower L.E.D. Lights

Our Christmas Decoration is not limited to the four corners of our homes. Nope, you can even include your lawn! So if you still feel tight, this Solar Meteor Shower L.E.D. Lights will be the perfect addition to make your turf magical. Your trees and shrubbery wouldn’t look the same. Nope! They will become exceptional.


Order this to upgrade your surroundings by clicking here: [https://tinyurl.com/y6d2d2cd]


8. Nordic Lighting Modern Chandelier

If you want to go over and beyond on your Christmas decorations, this Modern Chandelier will surely showcase your elegance. This dandelion chandelier will be perfect for your Christmas Party and Christmas Eve Dinners! You can even keep it until New Year or Valentine’s Day! It’s a holistic improvement if you have this at the ceiling of your dining room—the whole year round. You can even add it to any of our projects if you own one!


For more views on this excellent chandelier design, visit:[https://tinyurl.com/4dnzm86u]

Key Takeaways:


Although these are only a few of the massive numbers of designs that could enrich our homes, the real spirit of Christmas stems from the people. Our sense of gratefulness for everything and everyone makes the season beautiful. Far from the blazing lights of the cities, a baby was born in a manger, wrapped in the humblest cloths, for you and me—this is the real spirit of Christmas.



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