10 Benefits of Buying a House and Lot in Cebu Province

By Jes Nadayag
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Aroha Land Corporation offers affordable real estate in the province of Cebu. The company has a wide variety of properties available for purchase, including houses, lots, and condominiums. Aroha Land Corporation is committed to providing quality homes at an affordable price, and their team of experienced professionals is always available to help you find the perfect property for your needs.

The Benefits of Buying a House and Lot in Cebu

There are many benefits to buying a house and lot in Cebu province. Here are 10 of them:

1. You get to own your own home.

The best benefit of buying a house is the sense of ownership that goes with it. You can always say that you live somewhere, but to say ‘I own this house’ means much more than renting one.

2. You can customize and design your home to your own liking.

Another added benefit of having a house is the design! Did you know that according to behavioral psychology the house design would greatly influences the mood and success of its residents? So, if you want to be successful today, then make use of owning a house!

3. You don’t have to worry about rent increases.

Of course! You won’t even think about rent! You own the house! You rent yourself! Say goodbye to sleepless nights of thinking about where to find rent. Now, your mind would be looking out. You can now reserve your resources to help community upliftment, establish a business, or even invest in new ventures. Why? Because at the end of the day, you have a roof over your head to keep you safe.

4. You can build equity in your home.

How much is your house? Is it a multimillion peso? Then, it means you are a multimillionaire. You don’t even need to be shy anymore when people ask you what’s under your name, because the worth of the house adds to the worth of your name. You can now get loans that are too big for someone who doesn’t have a house whether to invest more or to expand your business. Say hello to the next big millionaire! 

5. You have more privacy and space.

Privacy is difficult in houses that many people rent. Sometimes you even need to deal with people’s cleanliness. However, with a home, even with a cheap house, you can have all the space you need. You can have your ‘me’ time that you badly need. You won’t need to schedule a bath time, you go there on your time, provided you are not that big of a family.

6. You can have a yard or garden.

Sometimes in the overwhelming smell of asphalt and cement in the urban jungle, you long for a splinter of green, especially in Cebu city! That’s why if you have a house within the Cebu province you can be sure that you can have a garden right outside your doorstep. You won’t even need a vacation to feel invigorated with the green all around you!

7. You can be a part of a community.

When you buy a house and lot inside a subdivision, although you’ll have the privacy you badly need, you will also regularly see neighbors who are also a part of the community you are all building up. So when you buy a house you are not only allowing your family to have a roof over their head. Nope, especially in Cebu province, you are taking roots and adapting to the community around you.

8. You can take advantage of government programs.

If you try and buy a house today, you might opt for a mortgage. However, the best mortgage is Pag-Ibig as they won’t pull you down with big interests. Instead, you’ll be fully supported to make sure that your family will have a better home that can help you grow this nation. That’s why many government agencies are working together so that people will have a home. You have DHSUD, Pag-Ibig, and others. You will only experience this advantage in government programs once you apply for a housing loan.

If ever you’re experiencing difficulty in getting a loan, Aroha Land Corporation has in-house financing for some of our projects that will greatly help you in your house-purchasing journey. With our affordable house and lot projects, you are in the right hands. Contact us today and allow us to help you get your first house!

9. You can get a potential business.

People in Cebu are business-minded especially when Gov. Gwen Garcia emphasized that Cebu province should become like Singapore—it made people thirst for more financial independence. That’s why a good house is your perfect business to join this whole island venture. If you get an Alishia Residences unit, for example, you’ll be near the upcoming Medellin Domestic Airport, where you can make your unit into a rental house. Perfect business right? That’s why it’s good to have a house.

10. You can pass your home on to your children.

Lastly, if done right, you can pass on your house to your children. So you can be sure that whatever happens, they will be in a better position if you are in a better place. It’s not a bad choice after all. A place like Cebu has great potential, that’s why investing now in Cebu province will surely allow you to have the first dibs on a great venture!

Key Takeaways:

The Cebu province is a bustling place ready to expand its horizons on becoming one of the top economic sectors of the Philippines. If everyone around you grows financially, you will surely go with them. That’s why go with the trend! Invest in real estate today and see the better life you only dreamed of. It’s not too late! Contact us today and allow us to help you level up from your position.

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By: Jes Nadayag