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Inspired by her struggles toward a glorious career as a Dean of College of Nursing and an educator, Ms. Ana Montenegro Trazona took on the challenge of their professor in postgraduate degree to search for her own passion that will inspire many people, together with her dear friend and classmate from China, Mr. Huang Dai, who is also an international educator, they ventured into helping others improve the quality of life with an affordable, yet, high-valued real estate properties. This is when they cofounded Aroha Land Corporation.

With faith in the Almighty, integrity, love for the family, and strong desire to inspire others, Aroha Land Corporation continues to expand and grow its breadth and depth in the area of real-estate and lifestyle.

new development in the North

Ar oha land corporation



Use of appropriate system and technology to standardize operations. Consistently meet if not exceed the sales target through partnership with the best real estate practitioners!


Hire, Train, promote and keep employees with the right knowledge, skills and attitude-make the workplace an inspiring place to grow professionally, emotionally, spiritually and socially.


Commit partners & buyers to plant one tree for every 50 sq.m. parcel sold - meet the standards of government regulatory bounds in all phases of the development.


Projects are designed to be managed and have commercial strips.

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