Buying a House in the PH: Tips for New Buyers in 2022

By Jes Nadayag
The key of an opened house when you buy a house.

You are here! Congratulations! You have now decided to buy a house for your budding family. However, with all the uncertainties in the world, is barely acceptable good for your family? The dilemma of buying a property is not new. People had it and will have it. Nonetheless, if you know what to look for in a real estate purchase, you are ready! So here are our tips for you!

Why Buying a House is an Investment?

The famous real estate guru Robert Kiyosaki once said that housing is never an asset but a liability. However, in the present scenario, housing is still considered an asset. An asset is anything that has future economic value and can be usable in the process. The future value of a house may depend on its tangible properties like land or building, or it could come from intangible effects like historical significance, real estate appreciation, and other factors. That is why buying a house is still a good choice!

Buyer’s Checklist and Tips

Tip 1: Find a Trustworthy Realtor

We don’t need a realtor or a real estate agent when it comes to buying a house. However, the process will become easier with these trustworthy people. So, make sure you have people you can trust that will help you polish your house-shopping experience.

Tip 2: Know Your Finances

Another problem people face when buying their first house is their finances. Although if you have a good amount of money in the bank, this might be something you’ll skip over. However, for the good of everybody, you need to make sure that you can pay back the mortgage you’ll be getting when you have your first house. Companies commonly use your DTI (debt-to-income) ratio to know if you’re able to pay your mortgage. However, if you are under Pag-Ibig you can easily do this by tapping on your Pag-Ibig reps.

Tip 3: Find the Perfect Mortgage

After straightening out your finances, you can then connect with a bank that will finance your mortgage. Depending on your basic pay, you may have a bigger mortgage or not. Nonetheless, if you connect with Aroha Land Corporation, we have In-house financing that will surely help you earn your first house without any worry. If you contact us today, you’ll have an easy time waiting for your brand-new townhouse or farm lot!

Tip 4: Home Search!

Once you have everything ready, you can then start looking for the perfect home for your family! Depending on your budget you may want to look for a bigger or smaller one. Nonetheless, with a good real estate broker with you, you can easily browse through his/her real estate listings and collections and help you speed up the process.

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Tip 5: Check the House

After choosing the perfect house for your family. It’s now the time to check it! Make sure that you consider its location, because this will be important for you and your family. You are not just buying a house you want your family to buy a home to live in and have peace. So, make sure that you put your family in mind while checking the place! It would be better if you have them with you as you check your future home because you will be owning a house as a family—your real treasures.

Tip 6: Close the Deal

After checking the place, it is now time for you to decide whether you’ll go for the house you’ve visited or if you want to look for homes for sale again. Nonetheless, if the real estate broker is still with you the process can be easier. So, make sure to find a trustworthy realtor above anything else!

How Aroha Land Corporation Does it Easier!

Aroha Land Corporation is one of the most trustworthy real estate companies and real estate developers in Cebu province. We focus on providing homes built in love. We have farm lots for sale, land for sale (lot-only subdivisions), and townhouses for you! Nonetheless, above all of these, we know the difficulty of processing papers. That’s why we made house and lot purchases easier for people like you. Here are some of our methods that make the whole process easier.

1. In-House Financing

One of our advantages over other real estate companies is that we have in-house financing with 0% interest on most of our projects! So you can be sure that you won’t even need to worry if you’ll bear a huge interest rate while paying a mortgage! That in itself changes the paradigm of real estate in Cebu. 

2. Shophouses and Commercial Strips

Another advantage Alishia Residences and our other projects have over other property development projects is the existence of shophouses and commercial strips. Our vision of community upliftment seeks to enable the community to have means towards a holistic development. So, you can buy a home with a great space for business! Hence, you are not only buying a home for your family but an investment for the future!

So if you want to know about our properties for sale in Cebu, we got you covered! Contact us today and learn more about how you can grab the best trade-offs in the corner! You can even contact our Sales Officer right now at 09277321429! Call us today and allow us to tell you how you can get an excellent deal and good investment!

What is Aroha Land Corporation?

Aroha Land Corporation is a Cebu-based real-estate company that seeks to develop homes built in love. Everyone involved in the company is ready to help you purchase the best deals! So, we are always for you and never against you. Come sit with us and grab yourself a good future.

If you want more information on us you can check the About Us section and learn more about your future family!

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By: Jes Nadayag