What and Why Community Upliftment: 3 Advantages

By Jes Nadayag
Community Upliftment is one of Aroha Land Corporation's key visions.

“It takes a village to raise a child” is a famous African proverb emphasizing the importance of a community in educating and raising the next generation. This quote denotes the responsibility of the older generation to rear and discipline the new breeds. However, in this fast-paced selfish society, the principles of an unrestrained education system for advancing the village seem fuzzy. That’s why Community Development is an essential aspect of public and business administration, for, without the people, any form of management becomes useless.

What is Community Upliftment?

Community Upliftment or Community Development is the principle that ensures the advancement of society as a whole. It secures the continuity of civilization and progress of a culture or people by empowering every person in the community, nation, or state.

How Does Aroha Land Corporation Support Community Development?

Community Upliftment is one of the visions of Aroha Land Corporation as a means to support the future community in its sustainable development goals and other objectives. The company fulfills its part in community development by providing economic development measures such as commercial strips and shophouse units. The company also supports mental and physical health by equipping holistic amenities such as row gardens, clubhouses, and others.

Common Problems of Community Upliftment/Development

Community Development at its peak could show us the possibility of a Utopia. However, one of John Wycliffe’s motivational quotes says: “The higher the hill, the stronger the wind,” so we can say that Community Development is not without faults. Listed below are some of the common problems and obstacles to Community Development.


The first problem of Community Development is an open secret, its finances. Any project or initiative can’t go a long way without proper funding. Although people may start a petition or raise funds, it is not without flaws. However, with enough funds available, you can be sure that there will be progress—especially with Community Development, as it is also an economic project. Therefore, always remember that early investment is necessary.


Another weakness this initiative might have is clear and strong leadership. Leadership is even more essential if the goal is to create sustainable cities that could include a larger population. If exceptional leadership is missing, the whole program won’t even work—Excellent supervision is essential to help foster superior community psychology and develop the initiative.


Commitment is one of the things that can cause a problem when not taken seriously. Community engagement when initiating a project is necessary as the point of Community Development is the community. Without a working and functional community, the development process is susceptible to failure. That’s why people’s engagement in the project is super important. People without commitment could only hinder the undertaking and may end up delaying to fulfill things to do in the task.


Lastly, political differences can be one of the most headache-inducing problems in this endeavor. People’s pride and greed will halt any progress as they deem things unimportant in the greater scheme of things. However, if done right, politics can become an excellent tool to expedite the project. as one of the most politically inclined inspirational quotes once said: “there are no eternal enemies, just eternal benefits.” If done right, people in power and their political standpoint can be an excellent advantage.

Why Community Development Matters: Its Advantages in the Current Society?

Community Development, like other theories, has its pros and cons. Listed below are some of the advantages of Community Upliftment that people can look up to:

1. A Growing Economy

One of the best outcomes of effective community development is economic growth. We see a community growing together that also ensures a vibrant economy by which people can experience a lesser income disparity compared to other places.

2. Resilient Neighborhoods

Overall cohesiveness of neighborhoods sustains a resilient culture in which every person counts. People are easy to help one another and are willing to be helped to ensure that everyone is nursed and nurtured by everyone. This theory was the perfect fix when the COVID-19 Pandemic started as the gloomy isolation made people mentally sick.


3. Highly Organized Community

If the community develops in the right direction, you’ll end up with a highly-organized group ready for anything. Whether it be problems in health or economics, your crowd will surely face it with flying colors. This outcome is the reason why Aroha Land Corporation believes people are the Real Treasures because with a confident and capable workforce there won’t be a single problem you cannot face.

What are Aroha Land Corporation’s Ongoing Projects?

Since Community Upliftment is one of the visions and guiding principles of Aroha Land Corporation, you can be sure that every project of the company will have amenities that support this tenet. Aroha Land Corporation has five (5) ongoing projects—listed below are the projects, locations, and amenities that boost economic community development and other community-centric growth.

1. Alishia Residences at Tominjao, Daanbantayan, Cebu.

  • Commercial Strips with Shophouses

2. Aimee Homes at Tubod, Minglanilla, Cebu.

  • Commercial Strip with Shophouses

3. Hacienda Simeonida at Langtad, Naga City, Cebu.

  • Farm lots with Seeds for Harvest

4. Strelia Residences at Bagalnga, Compostella, Cebu.

  • Basketball Court and Swimming Pool for Exercise

5. Green Brook Subdivision at Poog, Toledo City.

  • Commercial Strips along Toledo Highway

Conclusion: It Takes People

Community Development is an excellent building principle, especially in real-estate projects. However, no matter the preparation and the planning of Aroha Land Corporation, it takes people to make things happen. So, are you ready to join these projects and support a future-growing community? Join now and set yourself for what the future holds.

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