4 Things to Do in North Cebu and More!

By Jes Nadayag
The enjoyable North Cebu is the perfect getaway.

North Cebu has always been synonymous with the word “relaxing.” If you’ve been to Metro Cebu, South Cebu sounds like an adventure in hindsight, while North Cebu, on the other hand, looks like a fully-booked vacation. Why? Because North Cebu is such a calming place! Its famous tourist destinations highlight these characteristics as well. So, if ever you are down to rest and relax in the North, here are some things you can and should do while in North Cebu!

What is North Cebu?

North Cebu is the northern part of Cebu province. Since Metro Cebu ends in Danao City, every municipality going North with Bogo City is part of North Cebu. These places include but are not limited to Carmen, Catmon, Sogod, Borbon, Tabogon, San Remigio, Tabuelan, Bogo City, Medellin, Daanbantayan, Santa Fe, Bantayan, and Madridejos. 

Although some people even include the municipalities in Camotes Island such as San Francisco, Poro, Pilar, and Tudela as part of this hub, it is still under discussion. Comment below and tell us what you think!

Island Hopping

When you hear of Daanbantayan, you can already imagine the salty air and their famous white beaches. However, Daanbantayan is not only made up of its territory in the mainland of Cebu. It still has many islands and islets that you can venture into and enjoy. Though some of these islands may not have resorts, they are perfect tourist spots. 

Nonetheless, Daanbantayan is not the only place for your island escapade! Bantayan Island, Bogo City, Camotes Island, and even Medellin have great beaches and beautiful resorts for you to check out! If you want an itinerary ready, get a map and tour this hub of attractions and maybe you’ll get some latest updates on more discoveries!

Food Adventure

Food adventures can be anywhere. However, what keeps Daanbantayan and the whole of North Cebu from all others is that going from point A to point B is not just a hassle journey but a scenic view worth your time. Blue waters and calm nature will fill your travel time, which makes it a perfect getaway from the concrete trees of the urban jungle. 

From the tongue-entertaining Bibingka of Catmon to the Pintos of Bogo City to the Fine Dining at Maya, Daanbantayan, and the foreign-taste teas and coffee at Coffee Bar, Medellin’s Bamboo Forest, you will never find it a hassle to enjoy the journey. Have yourselves ready and spring from one place to another—you’ll never regret it!

Discover Culture

Cebu Province, as the first province colonized by the Spanish Conquistadors, holds much more cultural treasures than you would expect. Although Cebu City takes the biggest chunk of this historical significance, North Cebu can also offer something distinct. One of these places would be Capitancillo Islet where you can see the old lighthouse amidst the hotspot for scuba diving. 

Another relatively significant is Port of Kota Park where you can see the Spanish Fort that made Bantayan Island into a ‘Bantayan’ (Guard House/Post). Daanbantayan on the other hand is an Old Guard Post that’s why it’s called ‘Daanbantayan.’ Although these are old cultural attractions you get to observe in North Cebu, these are not the only places of cultural significance as the day goes by, another part of history is being written. Aisle of Medellin, Marmol Cliffs, and some others are part of the diversity that North Cebu can offer.

Enjoy Diversity

Each place is different from another. We cannot allow our experiences to hinder us from diving deep into enjoyment. Although sightseeing is nice, being able to swim in the spring or swimming pool and glide from one extreme adventure to the next makes life lovely. Being a tourist is nice, but the best experiences happen with working hands. That’s why skip the tourist phase and relish your best life yet as a local.

And if you’re in to become a local or see the potential business in the North—Aroha Land Corporation’s Alishia Residences development project in Daanbantayan is an excellent choice! It not only allows you to discover affordable beaches in Daanbantayan but it will surely make you feel like all your adventures round and round in the North are something you’ll get to experience all your life.

Why Alishia Residences?

Investing in Alishia Residences is an excellent choice. However, making it into a rest house for your summer vacation? That’s the better one! You’ll get to enjoy all the surrounding beaches, tourist spots, and historical attractions while having a home nearby.

Alishia Residences is also close to home! If you are living near an airport, the Upcoming Medellin Domestic Airport will make your travel fast! You’ll only leave your house for an hour and find yourself inside your very own Alishia Residences unit! A fully functional customizable house; that is Alishia!

Alishia Residences is also close to Tapilon and Maya Port if ever you’re on fire to start an Island Hopping adventure the soonest!

So if you are excited and willing to purchase an Alishia Residences Unit check our options for you today! You can use it as a rest house and an investment! You can even use it as an extension of your business when you purchase any of our Dani shophouses! Contact us today and allow us to paint a picture of possibilities!

Conclusion: Step Out

Whether you want to have a vacation in North Cebu, dip in her cold springs, or dive on her warm beaches, action is necessary! So grab whatever you can grab now and make an exceptional itinerary ready. Imagine yourself enjoying the North’s Nature like never before. Whether as a tourist or a potential local, step out now. As they say, a thousand-mile journey starts with a single step, so what are you waiting for? Take a step towards relaxation now!

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