4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Alishia Residences

By Jes Nadayag

Alishia Residences is a prime development project of Aroha Land Corporation located at Tominjao, Daanbantayan, Cebu. Its proximity to tourist spots and business establishments is excellent as it is geographically in the middle of Daanbantayan. 

With the current development trend sprawling northwards, an early investment in this region is an excellent choice. That’s why Alishia Residences should be on your top investment list!

Why is Investing Early Important?

The Lapu-Lapu City of Today is an investment haven because of its proximity to Mactan-Cebu International Airport! However, because of this relationship, the unforeseen economic growth pushed the system enough for people to try and mitigate its traffic congestion problem

Nonetheless, when it comes to real estate, the growth was too fast for some to catch up. In 2013, a prime residential condominium in Metro Cebu Market (which includes Lapu-Lapu City) was sold at an average of 85 thousand pesos per square meter, while in 2016, it went up to 100 thousand pesos per square meter! There was at least an 18% increase in prices! Today some prime condominiums in Metro Cebu are worth hundred-fifty thousand pesos per square meter!

Now imagine Alishia Residences—wouldn’t your investment today be worth way more in the future? If you still need some convincing, check out these advantages below and open your mind to the possibility of obtaining a golden goose!

Why Invest in Alishia Residences?

The Alishia Residences, being a project in the North, could greatly benefit from these upcoming structural developments in the North of Cebu. 

1. The Upcoming Medellin Domestic Airport

It is an open secret that any place with a functional aviation industry would bring socio-economic growth. The value of aviation to the Philippines is immense. According to IATA (International Air Transport Association), 3.4% of the Philippines’ GDP came from the Air Transport Industry, generating at least 1.2 million jobs for the country. That’s 1% of the total Philippine Population. With that in mind, we can be sure that there will be certain developments in the places where airports exist. Your green-grass residences will not only become premium real estate but will even become a business opportunity that can generate monthly income for you—especially with the Philippine State College of Aeronautics (PHILSCA)’s expansion in Medellin, Cebu.

Your property will not only bring you business opportunities due to proximity but even a good income stream through the association of the developments. With the realization of the airport comes expedited transport from your condo in Quezon City to your Alishia Residences in Daanbantayan—you are never too far from anywhere in the Philippines! 

2. The Rapid Expansion of Tapilon and Maya Ports

Another avenue for economic growth in Daanbantayan is the expansion of its ports —the Maya and Tapilon Ports. These ports are important foot traffic passages that transit people to Carnaza and Malapascua Islands. However, these are not polluted ports that are common in urban jungles. Instead, these are tourist attractions with clear blue waters that can even come close to the La Jolla beaches where Alicia Keys had her mansion called “Razor House.”

Barangays Maya and Tapilon Daanbantayan are 10 to 15 mins from your Alishia Residences, that’s why you can be sure that their expansions and economic growth will greatly influence the appreciation of Alishia Residences’ property price.

3. The Future Daanbantayan Business District

If you’re still on edge thinking the Alishia Residences development will not be worth an investment loan, then think again. This prime project with its simple architecture will be a stone’s throw away from the upcoming Daanbantayan Business District. Yes! A sprawling business district will pop up in front of Alishia Residence’s front gate! It will take time but it will surely come. So you can be sure that your investment will be worth it, in time. Although this business district might not grow as fast as Cebu Business Park or the IT Park, it will surely stir North Cebu’s economic growth and your property is in front of this action.

4. The Current Daanbantayan

If you know the current Municipality of Daanbantayan, with its #ShineDaanbantyan movement, you’ll surely know that this place is not in decay—This is a bustling and growing area! The whole North of Cebu is called the Summer Capital of the province! That’s why, if you’re not sold out to this municipality’s potential as listed above, then see it for where is it right now! The current Daanbantayan as visioned by its Mayor, Sun J. Shimura, is an economic zone

So with every Daanbantyanon let’s all declare “#ShineDaanbantayan” and see this town become more lively and growing. Invest in Daanbantayan today, contact us, and allow us to help you get prime real estate in the developing North.

Conclusion: The Best Time to Invest is Now!

Inflation is one of the major economic problems in our world. Everyone will experience it, whether old or young. That’s why if you want to fight off inflation, investing in real estate is one of the best ways. And you can trust that Alishia Residences is a good choice for it! You can be sure that Alishia Residences will be the perfect project if you are eyeing a North Cebu investment as we ensure that ‘your homes will be built in love.’ So contact us today and help us help you.


Is Daanbantayan same as Bantayan Island?

Nope, Daanbantyan is a Municipality on the north tip of Cebu Island, while Bantayan Island is an island on the west of Bantayan Island. Although they sound the same, they are different places for you to explore!

How many projects does Aroha Land Corporation Have?

Aroha Land Corporation currently has five projects—Alishia Residences, Aimee Homes, and other developing projects. These projects are all over the island of Cebu and will surely be unique from each other. Every project is a limited edition.

What is Alishia Residences?

Alishia Residences is the flagship development project of Aroha Land Corporation being developed in Tominjao, Daanbantayan, Cebu. This house-and-lot project has three housing choices for anyone who wants a haven in the north of Cebu.

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