13,000+ Searches: Where is Aroha Land Corporation’s Office?

By Jes Nadayag
The White House Office of Aroha Land Corporation.

Google Maps recently sent an update to our CFO (chief finance officer) that people looked for Aroha Land Corporation’s New Office at least 13 thousand times! That’s why for our first blog, we decided to tell you about our new Aroha Land Corporation’s Whitehouse Office!

When Did Aroha Land Corporation Transfer to Their New Whitehouse Office?

On June 1, 2022, Aroha Land Corporation moved from the previous office in Lipata, Minglanilla to its new home in El Rajo St., Ward 4, Minglanilla, Cebu. The location of our new Whitehouse office is 2.2km away from our previous address in Lipata, Minglanilla, Cebu.

What is the Aroha Land Corporation’s Whitehouse Office?

Aroha Land Corporation, a real estate company, is known for its projects such as the Strellia Residences in Bagalnga, Compostela, Cebu, Aimee Homes, in Tubod Minglanilla, Cebu, and other upcoming projects that are affordable and perfect for building future families and communities! 

Because of this, Aroha Land Corporation acquired the perfect office to help its employees, investors, clients, and friends feel at home whenever they are on the premises of the company—they acquired a two-story residential building that they turned into what is now the “Aroha Whitehouse Office!”

Inside the Aroha Land Corporation’s Whitehouse Office, Arohaland personnel work together to ensure that the clients and investors of the company are taken care of. Here are some of the teams that helped Aroha Land Corporation to where it is today.

The Aroha Marketing Team headed by sir Juff Bastida works with realtors, realties, and agents to make sure that many people hear the news of its real estate projects and upcoming subdivisions like the Alishia Residences in Tominjao, Daanbantayan, Cebu and many more!

Next is the Aroha Customer Care which is spearheaded by Ms. Marites Sumondod, they work with clients and customers in making sure that all of their inquiries and concerns are handled well. They are an important part of the company, especially in our current pandemic-stricken world where people feel like businesses don’t have a heart. So if ever you want someone to talk to, feel free to contact our customer care and be at ease that you are never alone.

The Aroha Payment Hub is another part of Aroha Land Corporation that caters to clients by making sure all the remittances are received with proper documentation and receipts. Ms. Hazel Petallar is our point person in this monumental work.

Furthermore, Aroha Land Corporation still has many people that are involved in serving the clients and the customers. We also have some people who are part of the Aroha Family that helps us deliver the promised development and properties!

Nonetheless, that’s just some of the things that make the Aroha Whitehouse that exciting and important!

What can you do in the Aroha Whitehouse Office?

Whenever you want to visit the Whitehouse Office for remitting your monthly contributions or want to hear an update about the development of your project you can also do some of these things!:

1. Chat with Us!

One of the things that you can easily do inside the Aroha Whitehouse office is to chat with everyone! You can be sure that you will have people to talk to while in the Aroha Whitehouse! You can maybe chat with our Customer Care personnel, or have a small talk with everyone—that’s fine! If you want to sit and have fun come and visit us! We’ll be more than glad to see you in our new Aroha Whitehouse Office!

2. Check the Beautiful Landscaping!

Recently, the surroundings of our Whitehouse Office have been beautifully landscaped so you can have fun taking instagramable pictures. The green grass and the stone steps can be your perfect view on a summer-themed post!

3. Get an Update for More Upcoming Projects!

Lastly, you can also learn more about our projects such as Hacienda Simeonida, and more! In this way, you can be sure that Aroha Land Corporation can help you increase your investment portfolio by purchasing a new house and lot or lot-only properties. Call us today, and we’ll be more than happy to serve you and help you get your most-awaited property!

Who Are the People Behind Aroha Land Corporation?

If you haven’t checked our website’s “About Us” section, I’m glad to tell you about our CEO, Ms. Ana M. Trazona. She is the woman responsible for making Aroha Land Corporation what it is today. Together with her sworn-brother Mr. Huang Dai, they pioneered an organization that seeks to serve God and man through corporate advancement, personnel development, ecological protection, and community upliftment.

So if ever you’re in the Aroha Whitehouse Office, feel free to say hi to Ms. Ana and Mr. Dai as they are people who are amiable and good-natured. They are not only business people but first and foremost, servants of the Most High God.

How to Get to the Aroha Whitehouse Office?

If ever you’re in Minglanilla, Cebu, our Aroha Whitehouse Office is something that you can just swing by within a minute or so. 


If you’re coming from the National Highway, you only need to turn right on the road beside the RD Pawnshop. You should see a sign telling you where “Ward 4” is, and it’s marked as going left.

Once you’ve turned left, you can immediately see the Aroha Whitehouse Office with the Words “Aroha Whitehouse” placed on its wall. We have two entrances, however, we prefer you go to the second entrance as the Parking Lot is on that side, so you can feel safe while leaving your car. 

Nonetheless, if you are walking, you can also enter through both gates. We have guards that are more than happy to help you enter.


If ever you’re in the Municipal Office of Minglanilla, you can go right and will pass by the Minglanilla Health Center. After that, you’ll be in the crossing going to the Aroha Whitehouse Office! You just need to turn right and you’ll see our Whitehouse Office.

You can also contact us so we can help you better.

You can contact us through:

Facebook: Ar Oha Land Corporation

Instagram: @arohalandcorporation

Cell Number: 0995 748 5862

See you!

Aroha Always