Itinerary to North Cebu; Visit Daanbantayan and 5 more!

By Jes Nadayag
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The year is ending, and you haven’t got a taste of summer yet? Well, don’t worry! We got you covered! We created a sample itinerary for you if you are from Manila or outside of Cebu Province. This adventure and vacation plan will surely help you from the hassles of researching your travel list! Don’t worry, as this is fully customizable to your needs! So, what do you say? Ready for a weekend of adventure? Check our sample vacation itinerary now!


Where is North Cebu?

As the name suggests, North Cebu is a place in the north part of the Cebu Province. Although some areas are still in dispute, any place above Danao City is considered North Cebu. These areas include Carmen, Catmon, Sogod, Asturias, Balamban, Tuburan, Tabuelan, Borbon, Tabogon, San Remegio, Medellin, and Daanbantayan. Bogo City is the only city in the area. However, North Cebu also includes Bantayan Island which includes Santa Fe, Madridejos, and Bantayan.


Sample Itinerary: North Cebu 3-Day Vacation

Your adventure awaits. You’ve already booked your plane ticket, and you’re excited for the fated day to arrive. You’re leaving the urban jungles of Metro Manila and going to the serene North Cebu, where you’ll surely get to relax from all the stress and pressure. So here’s your adventure itinerary, sir. Hop in! 


Notice: For this sample itinerary, we didn’t include Bantayan Island, Cebu, and other islands so we won’t be stepping on Hagnaya Port yet!


DAY 1: Lapu-Lapu City Going Carmen and Catmon

Welcome to the Province of Cebu! Pat your back! You’ve taken the first step in this worthwhile adventure. Depending on how you want to do this, you can either go for a bus ride or a taxi, though renting a car would be the best choice! 



Your first destination for this day is Cebu Safari And Adventure Park! Located in Toril, Brgy Corte, Carmen, this park will surely break your urban jungle vibes as its sheltered animals can be overwhelming. They’ve got more than 100 species for you to look out for including lions, giraffes, tigers, and zebras! Time to get wild!



After your tiring day in the jungles of Carmen, Catmon will be your place of rest and restoration. Huna Huna Cliff Resort is a Spanish-Mediterranean-themed resort where you will feel the island vibe. Explore the Castillian Heritage at Huna Huna and relax your way to the next day!


DAY 2: Medellin and Daanbantayan

After your adventures in the African Jungle of Cebu and going through the Gibraltar of Cebu, it’s now time to experience being cast away in the Maldives of Cebu!



With your energy fully back on track, it’s now time to encounter the shores of Kawit. This unpopular shoreline will be your perfect photo shoot site for you to send to your friends in Metro Manila. This tourist spot is free, so you can just pick up a place for you to stay. Though some of the locals might have cottages for you at a price. Nonetheless, this is a good place for you to unwind and experience nature.



After your not-so-exclusive visit to the Kawit Shore Line, you can then rent a cottage at Golden Sands Destination Resorts where you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into Indonesia. Their Glamping Huts will be an excellent choice for a night’s stay. However, since you’re in Golden Sands, you should maximize your experience there by exploring every inch of this luxurious resort! Golden Sands is an excellent Tourism Spot in Daanbantayan, you won’t find it in Bacolod City, Bohol, or Manila!


DAY 3: Tabuelan and Balamban, Going Home

Now, we’re on the last leg of this road trip! So, open your map because we’re going to be turning this speed faster! From your stay at Daanbantayan, we now go to Tabuelan, which is 30 mins away from the Municipality of Daanbantayan!



One of the most famous things about the municipality of Tabuelan is its caves. Most of the things to do in Tabuelan involve checking out caves and knowing the history behind these cracks. There are at least seven famous caves, that became tourist attractions, in Tabuelan. So for your first stop on your home-bound road trip, check out these rock formations and see the light beyond the darkness at Tabuelan!



Lastly, save the best for last as you experience Tagaytay and Baguio on the Highlands of Balamban! You can select many locations here for your adventures! Whether a food adventure or a daring Adventure, Balamban is ready for you! So make Balamban your conclusion, the outro to your song, and you will surely remember this whole tour from the jungles to the highlands.


Conclusion: A Developing North

The North of Cebu is becoming more prosperous by the day! The construction of the upcoming Medellin Domestic Airport and the expansion of Maya and Tapilon Ports herald an age of growth for the whole region. That’s why it’s also time for people to come and visit this highly growing place!


Come a Tourist; become a Local Today!

Daanbantayan is a prime destination for more investments recently. From the expanding ports to Mayor Shimura’s hope of an economic breakthrough, the whole municipality is vibrating a new age of growth! That’s where you come in!


Alishia Residences, a prime development project of Aroha Land Corporation is a great place for you to invest and allow yourself to become a local of North Cebu! You should invest in Alishia Residences at Daanbantayan because it will not only bring you financial growth but will also enable you to have a reason to visit North Cebu every year!


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